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MS-Windows Troubleshooting

Access Denied
(AT command)


Trying to run the 'at' command produces the error:

Access Denied


The user, or the account used by the scheduler, does not have sufficient privileges on the machine on which the ‘at’ command is being run. To run the ‘at’ command the user and scheduler service must be a member of the ‘Administrators’ group (or ‘Server Operators’ if running at a server).

Possible Remedies:

  • Consider whether the user should be allowed access to the scheduler. Remember that commands run by the scheduler are run with the permissions of the scheduler account.
  • Add to user to the ‘Administrators’ group on the workstation. On a server the user should be added to either ‘Domain Administrators’ or ‘Server Operators’.
  • Check that the account that the scheduler service is being run using has the necessary permissions. It should either be run as part of the system or if it is being run using specified account then check that that account is a member of either the ‘Administrators’ group or ‘Server Operators’ group (or ‘Domain Administrators’ or ‘Server Operators’ if it is on a server). The scheduler service will need to be stopped and restarted.

These notes have been tested with Windows NT4.

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