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Windows Hyper-V-Server

How to export a virtual machine using PowerShell

You can export a virtual machine using the PowerShell cmdlet export-vm:

Export-VM -Name 'VM-Name' -PATH 'C:\Export-Path'

substituting the name of the virtual machine for VM-Name in the above and the export path for the path you want to use. This cmdlet won't return until the export is complete.

Depending on the version of hyper-v-server that you are running on you might have to shut the virtual machine down first.

Be aware that if you are exporting to a network share then the COMPUTER running Hyper-V will need to be granted access to the network share.

if you want to run this from a .cmd/.bat file then it becomes:

powershell -NonInteractive -Command "Export-VM -Name 'VM-Name' -PATH 'C:\Export-Path'"

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