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Windows Hyper-V-Server

How to change user password

There are a number of ways to change a user password when using Windows Hyper-V-Server:


The simplest way (even on Windows Hyper-V-Server which lacks a GUI) to change the password for the current user is to press the Control, Alt and Delete keys together. (If you are doing this via a Remote Desktop Connection then use the key combination Control, Alt, End.) This brings up a simple (GUI) menu which includes the option to "Change a password".

From there you need to enter your current password, and your new password (twice).

Net User

You can change the password for any user account at the command prompt using Net User. Needless to say you must logged in as an administrator for this to work.

When used to change a password the Net User command can be used in either of the following ways:

net user username newPassword


net user username newPassword /domain

The first (net user username newPassword) is used to change the password of an account on the current computer. Whereas the second (net user username newPassword /domain) changes the password for the account on the domain server.

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