Cry about...
Windows Hyper-V-Server

Computer Management: You do not have access rights to Logical Disk Manager on SERVER-NAME

When using Computer Management invoked (via Server Manager) on a remote server, and clicking on "Disk Management" the following error is displayed:

You do not have access rights to LOgical Disk Manager on SERVER-NAME.

Where SERVER-NAME in the above is the name (or IP address) of the hyper-v server you are trying to manage.

The Solution

  1. Run "Component Services".

    You can either find "Component Services" in the start menu (Windows 10) or open a command prompt and type "dcomcnfg".

  2. Navigate to Console Root > Component Services > Computers > My Computer
  3. Right click "My Computer" and select "Properties".
  4. Select the "COM Security" tab.
  5. Under "Access Permissions" click the [Edit Limits...] button.
  6. Against "ANONYMOUS LOGON" check to allow Remote Access.
  7. Click [OK] twice to save.
  8. Reboot.

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