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How to configure Exchange to accept email for a second email domain

If you ever need to allow exchange to accept email for a second domain (or for multiple domains) the procedure is as follows:

  1. Start Exchange Management Console
  2. Navigate down to: Microsoft Exchange On-Premises (server) → Organization Configuration → Hub Transport
  3. Select the "Accepted Domains" tab.

    All the domains that your server will currently accept will be listed here.

  4. Click [New Accepted Domain ..], in the Actions panel on the right hand side.

    This will open up the "New Accepted Domain" wizard/dialog.

  5. On the "New Accepted Domain" dialog:

    The "Accepted Domain" should be the new domain name that you are to accept emails for.

    You can specify any name you want for the "Name", but I prefer to use the domain name. So for my the "Name" and "Accepted Domain" are the same.

    Assuming emails are to be delivered to inboxes on this server then you will want to leave the default setting of "Authoritative Domain".

    Finally click [New].

    Once that has finished (it should be very quick) click [Finish] to close the dialog.

If you want all of your users to have an email address for this new domain then edit the default email address policy or create a new one. This is an optional step as you can individually assign email addresses at the new domain if that is more appropriate.

The above handles the configuration at the Exchange server. In addition to this, remember to ensure that the MX record for the domain points to your server - this needs to be done via the company dealing with your domain name registration.

These notes have been tested with Exchange Server 2010.

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