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How to grant Send As
(to allow sending email as someone else)

"Send As" allows one user to send an email as though it came from another user. The recipient will not be given any indication that the email was composed by someone other than the stated sender.

To allow one user to send-as another:

  1. Start Exchange Management Console
  2. Navigate to:
    Microsoft Exchange > Recipient Configuration
    You should now see a list of all your mailbox users.
  3. Right click on the account that you want to be able to send-as and select "Manage Send As permission ...". This will open a dialog window titled "Manage Send As Permission".
  4. Click the button [+ Add...], this will allow you to select a user or a group which will be able to send as the the selected account.
    Alternatively you can remove accounts.
  5. Once you have added (or removed) the accounts you want, click [Manage]. This will then apply the permission updates. Then click [Finish] once this has completed to close the dialog.


  • To send an email as though it were from another account, you need to show the "From" field in Microsoft Outlook. In the "From" field simply specify the name of the account that you wish the email to appear to be from.

These notes have been tested with Exchange Server 2007 and 2010.

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