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Dynamics CRM 2011 How To

How to get type of customer (JavaScript)

The customerid field can refer to an account or a contact or neither, but how to know which?

var customer = Xrm.Page.getAttribute("customerid").getValue();

testing whether the customer refers to anything is easy:

if (customer != null) {
    . . .

You can see whether the customer is an account or a contact by looking at the entityType field:

if (customer[0].entityType == "account") {
    // It is an account.
} else if (customer[0].entityType == "contact") {
    // It is a contact.

Obviously the JavaScript above didn't need the "else if" because the entityType can be only "account" or "contact" so an "else" would have sufficed, but I wanted to show the two values explicitly.

These notes have been tested with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, and may apply to other versions as well.

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