No Spam Please

It has come to my attention that some spammers are sending out e-mails claiming to come from me (or from other fictitious e-mail addresses at

What is spam? Spam is unsolicited e-mail sent out in bulk, usually for commercial gain. What is a spammer? a low life form, who sends out spam.

One method employed by spammers is to fake the e-mail header to give the impression that the spam came from a respectable person (or site) in order to bypass spam filtering software and to encourage you to open the e-mail.

The only time you might genuinely receive an e-mail from me ( is in reply to an e-mail request that you first sent me, and even then I often (but not always) use a different e-mail address.

Rest assured that no spam originates from and any e-mails claiming to come from me (or anyone else at are fictitious. Any such spam received should be deleted immediately.

For anti-spam resources please visit

About the author: is a dedicated software developer and webmaster. For his day job he develops websites and desktop applications as well as providing IT services. He moonlights as a technical author and consultant.