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Group specified on non-recurring field


Attempting to generate a report with Crystal Reports (8) the following error is generated and no report produced:

Group specified on non-recurring field

This error has been observed when attempting to run a report using Crystal Reports 8 that had previously been produced and run without problems using Crystal Reports 7.


The error means that whilst there are one or more groups defined in the report that one (or more) of these groups does not have a valid group by condition. (This is either an incompatibility between Crystal 7 and 8 or a change in behaviour.)


For each group check that it has a group by condition. Do this by re-specifying the group:

  1. Open the report in Design mode.
  2. From the menu select: Report > Change Group Expect ...
  3. For each group in turn, click the group name and then click on [Options...] (or simply double click the group name).
  4. On the 'Change Group Options' dialog select a field that the report is to be sorted and grouped by, then click '[OK]'.

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