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Where to configure the default email addresses for new accounts

When a new E-Mail account is created, email addresses are assigned to that account using the alias (normally the username) and SMTP domain information. There may be more than one SMTP domain defined, in which multiple email addresses will be created for each new user.

To view or edit the default SMTP domains:

  1. Start Exchange System Manager
  2. Expand Recipients and select "Recipient Policies"
    • It is the recipient policy that defines the default SMTP addresses to use when creating an account.
    • There will only be one policy unless you have created additional ones.
  3. Open the default policy (or the relevant policy if you have defined additional ones).
  4. On the "E-Mail Addresses (Policy)" tab are listed the default SMTP domains (and any other e-mail system templates) that are used when creating new accounts.


  • The settings here are used when creating new accounts. Changing them will not affect existing accounts.

These notes have been tested with Exchange Server 2003.

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