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Delphi Programming

How to open internet explorer at a specific screen location with a specific size etc

To open internet explorer at a specific screen location, with a specific size and with control over other characteristics (such as whether the address bar and scroll bar are visible):

procedure OpenIE();
  ie: IWebBrowser2;
  Url, Flags, TargetFrameName, PostData, Headers: OleVariant;
  // Uses ComObj + SHDocVw_TLB
  ie := CreateOleObject('InternetExplorer.Application') as IWebBrowser2;
  ie.Left := 100;
  ie.Top := 100;
  ie.Width := 640;
  ie.Height := 400;
  ie.MenuBar := false;
  ie.AddressBar := false;
  ie.Resizable := false;
  ie.StatusBar := false;
  ie.ToolBar := 0;
  Url := '';
  ie.Visible := true;

This code is fairly self explanatory, so I won't bore you with an explanation.

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These notes are believed to be correct for Delphi 6 and may apply to other versions as well.

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