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Delphi Programming

How to capture the event of a form being moved (and how to prevent a form being moved off screen)

Delphi does not expose an OnMoving event handler for forms, which would otherwise notify you that a form is being moved by the user. The event associated with a form being moved can be captured in code and acted upon.

To capture the OnMoving event, add an event handler to respond to the WM_MOVING message. Do this by adding the following to the definition of your form:

procedure OnMoving(var Msg: TWMMoving); message WM_MOVING;

My Delphi system did not come with a definition of the TWMMoving message, so you may need to add the following definition:

TWMMoving = record
    Msg: Cardinal;
    fwSide: Cardinal;
    lpRect: PRect;
    Result: Integer;

In your event handler msg.lpRect^.Left holds the new Left coordinate of the form and msg.lpRect^.Top holds the new Top coordinate of the form.

In your OnMove event handler be sure to allow the base class (TForm) to process the message by calling inherited.

To illustrate a typical example of how this could be used, the following function ensures that the form cannot be moved off the screen:

procedure TWebPublisher.OnFormMoving(var Msg: TWMMoving);
  screenArea: TRect;
  screenArea := Screen.WorkareaRect;
  if msg.lprect^.Left < screenArea.left then
    OffsetRect(msg.lprect^, screenArea.Left - msg.lpRect^.Left, 0);
  if msg.lprect^.Top < then
    OffsetRect(msg.lprect^, 0, screenArea.Top - msg.lprect^.Top);
  if msg.lprect^.Right > screenArea.Right then
    OffsetRect(msg.lprect^, screenArea.right - msg.lprect^.Right, 0);
  if msg.lprect^.Bottom > screenArea.Bottom then
    OffsetRect(msg.lprect^, 0, screenArea.bottom - msg.lprect^.Bottom);

These notes are believed to be correct for Delphi 6 and may apply to other versions as well.

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